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Google "Stars" becomes a Chrome extension

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Not to get too far off track but I'm curious to hear peoples' thoughts on "bookmarking" on Product Hunt. This is one of the most common feature requests and I know of people creating Trello boards of products they find here. I'm not convinced a traditional "bookmark" button is the right approach though, as it may cause confusion and compete with the upvote button (all products upvoted appear on your PH profile, btw). Thoughts?
@rrhoover I use to think that it would be a good idea but then i realised everything upvoted appeared in my profile so it wouldn't really matter. What you could do is add another view to your upvote list and have a thumbnail view toggle
@rrhoover You know what I would love, Ryan: Collections! :) I agree that a "bookmark" approach can cause confusion. It's a binary action that functions in a similar way to upvoting. That's why I would prefer Collections. Users can create several collections representing the various reasons why they would want to bookmark something (e.g. "Stuff I want to Try"; "Companies to Reach out to"; etc.). Plus, users can choose to make their collections public, adding another level of discovery to the platform.
@rrhoover I use the up voting as a bookmarking feature to keep track of products I'm excited about and would like to revisit (if I hadn't had a chance yet). Organizing my up voted products into personal collections could be interesting though.
@rrhoover I think something along the lines of collections would be very useful. I currently use tags in Pocket to curate startups into different buckets. Would love to just use PH for my go to source for archived startups via collections. Excited to give Stars a go!
@GeoffreyWeg @rrhoover I agree with the Collections idea for all of the reasons he mentions. Upvoting or not is restrictive to me. I have a whole bookmarking system, but I'd prefer if it were native and shareable.
"Your bookmarks will automatically be organized by topic" This. I love it. I was actually talking about a feature like this for Pinterest 2 days ago. (automatically pin something in the right collection) Everything should be this simple.
I've been using a chrome extension called Dewey to help with bookmark organizations. Lets me tag things, but I can't do it when I'm first bookmarking something (the major flaw). So that's my killer app, instead of having to put something in folders, let me tag it as I save it so I can find things with multiple search queries. Ryan - same thing here. I use search to find things I didn't upvote, but being able to tag a page just for my use would be helpful. Publicly shared tags might also be cool if you want to see what collection someone else has made. Downside to that is its limited to only PH items. So I might have a Wordpress collection of services, but might want to include non-PH items. So I have to do that in another service, not PH.
I've been +1ing every page I interact with for a year now. It keeps a list of +1d pages on my G+ Profile which I like. But I always assumed G would get around to using my +1's to improve and personalize my search results. Specifically resurfacing relevant +1'd pages at the top of my results. This Bookmark tool shows me there thinking differently about remembering things online.
I've been waiting for this feature forever