Google Art Palette

Unique color combinations, drawn from the world of art

Google Art Palette uses computer vision algorithms to match color palettes with artwork from around the world.

Owen Yin
Jack Qiao
Gianluca Cinellu
  • Gianluca Cinellu
    Gianluca CinelluCommand Line, security and pizza please

    Real time moodboards, ability of picking and adjusting palette from image


    Images in the moodboard could have a wider range of contexts

    Testing a color palette with real time mood boards is jut WOW. Step aside Adobe Kuler.

    Gianluca Cinellu has used this product for one day.
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Jack Qiao
Jack Qiao@jak_9994 · free agent
really cool! just wish the dataset was available for download though
Violet Alexandre
Violet Alexandre@lvdreamer · Sales Hunter, Wellness Expert & Artist
I love someone that works with marketing and branding at the startup level, this is an awesome tool for a non design expert.