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#3 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2019
Connect To Google Analytics And Generate Free B2B Leads Instantly.
Find Out How Many Leads You Can Generate Each Month.
Identify Your Most Engaged Website Visitors And Receive Detailed Company Information.
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Hey everyone, Jake @, here. Finding new leads is something that businesses struggle with, every day. Always searching for innovative ways to grow ’top of funnel’ is a never ending battle - it’s super-important. But - it means that sometimes the leads you already have, get overlooked. That’s why we built The Google Analytics Lead Generator. It’s a free tool created by - in less than 30 seconds it will identify the leads sitting inside your Google Analytics account and will add detailed company and contact information. We’ve launched today on Product Hunt to help companies get new leads now at no extra cost. I would love to get your feedback on this very cool and simple process we are developing to generate leads instantly: Connect With Google Analytics Receive Your Free B2B Leads With Detailed Company Information Find Out The Potential Number of Leads You Can Automate Each Month Don’t forget to follow-up with your leads - we are excited to hear about your results & explore the ways in which you will transition the companies identified into your sales pipeline. I’d also love you to share this tool with your network today and we will double your available leads. Happy to answer any questions you have regarding the tool. Enjoy your free leads & Thanks for your support.
@jakeisvisiting Im very curious, what data source are you using to enrich the leads with Detailed Company Information?
@mike_signorella1 Hi Mike, We use our own unique database and multiple 3rd party databases to enrich the data. How did you find your leads any good ones to follow up with?:)
Good morning everyone. Thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt. Really excited to be involved in the process of developing The Google Analytics Lead Generator. I hope you are able to get some value from this simple and fast connection. Will be here all day to respond to any questions and gather as much feedback as possible to learn how we can evolve the tool and provide more value longer-term. Thanks for the support.
Really great tool, before this I didnt realise the number of companies who were visiting our site. Now I have this information I can target the right people at the right companies.
@david_amato Hello David, appreciate the feedback. Absolutely, i think Google Analytics is an amazing platform. I use it every single day to digest many important analytical metrics for ongoing campaigns. But people often do not realise the direct potential behind the quantitative data. Really excited to pull this through so quickly and conveniently. Keep me updated how you got on with following up your leads!
@ant_musker yes I managed to reach out to a few leads, git a reply back and scheduling a call next week. Could have been a missed opportunity!
@david_amato Absolutely. I think so many businesses are missing out on leads and opportunities every single day. It's inevitable that people will not commit to purchase or even leaving details on first browse. But most often there is genuine intent displayed - and it is great to visualise this with actionable data.
This tool is really smart! I look forward to reviewing our financial plan with the data it's providing us. Thanks for making our lives easier! 100% Recommend.
@dudabardavid1 Hello Duda, thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated and i'm glad you were able to find value from the snapshot of leads generated. I would be happy to double your leads for you today as a gesture for your feedback.
Looks like a great alternative to ClearBit Reveal! Looking forward to trialling this 👍
@lachlankirkwood We hope you enjoy the trial :)