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Boo yea! We just pasted 50 upvotes #feelingthelove /cc @datadeck
Summarise your most important website metrics on an easy-to-understand dashboard with GA Dashboards by Datadeck. Simply connect Google Analytics and use 1-click templates to get an instant snapshot of your website's performance.
@kwdinc Thanks for the love!!! If Google Analytics feels like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut — you'll love our beautiful reports! - We've got pre-built templates for almost any situation including SEO, Adwords, Site speed and Content Marketing - You can connect multiple GA accounts and visualize metrics on a single dashboard - And best of all you can remix different non-Google data sources together for the ultimate one-stop analytics report! Go on, get those kudos from your boss or clients 😃 I’m happy to answer any questions you might have as well! Hit me up here….
Think it's hard creating a kickass dashboard with Google Analytics? Think again...
Some Feedback: As the type of person that likes to try something before committing, you guys should consider adding a live dashboard example to your homepage so users can instantly see it in action instead of just a static image screenshot ;)
@axertion great idea! We'll do that for the next version of our landing page. In the meanwhile check out our SEO dashboard template. It's demo data but it gives you a feel for it - http://dash.datadeck.com/share-p...
Ok, so far it looks nice, I need to play around with my dashboard but so far so good, I like the interface so once you can take sources like social networks may turn into my main analytics page. By the way, what's your pricing strategy?
@alexreyese thanks for the nice comment! I still think there are rooms for improving the interface tho :) Good news is that the social connectors are coming soon, I'll buzz you when it's live. Still in beta now (free till somewhere in Q4) with a main goal of getting honest feedback. Honestly we have no clear thoughts on pricing strategy yet, any advice be much appreciated!
@allenzhao5 I dunno, maybe 1 dashboard free? Like the one you show for content marketing, that would be a good incentive. Just not having to dig into your google analytics is plain awesome and a good value.
@alexreyese exactly that could be one of the directions to go with. Mostly it's based on the # of dashboards, users and other features such as team collaboration related, etc. We don't want to come to an early conclusion yet until better knowledge on what's reasonable. But yeah, maybe 1 dashboard + 1 user + basic features is free and then price adds up with numbers of stuff needed, or it could be just price per user basis without much restriction on others, we'll see. But thanks for sharing thoughts, really : )
@allenzhao5 Glad I can help, besides I see you are making the effort to get everything to work great for your users. In my opinion, it's a great way to start with the right foot. :)
@alexreyese thanks Alex! We'll keep up the good work..btw I checked your site and it looks awesome, not only a designer but really a good copy writer too!!