A curated catalog of the best direct-to-consumer brands.

There are so many innovative brands selling well-designed, high-quality, and fairly-priced consumer products online, but it's surprisingly hard to find them. On Goods, you can actively search and discover all the best-in-category products or services you’re looking for.

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Hey! I'm a co-founder of Goods. I really love online shopping — personally and professionally. As a UX/UI designer and art director, I have previously founded and have worked for several direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. Most recently, I was the first brand designer at Allbirds. So, when my friends want to shop, I'm often asked the question: What's the Allbirds of X? My co-founder Andrew is also a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur and enthusiast. Even for us, it's hard to discover the best-in-category consumer products when looking for something to buy. We know there are so many innovative brands out there making the highest quality goods that are beautiful, affordable, and often sustainable. But, usually the only way we discover new brands is from a friend's recommendation or a serendipitous advert on a social network. Goods is a curated catalog of all the best digitally native retail companies so you can discover where to buy the perfect products. It's where emerging brands and potential customers can actively find each other. We're just getting started so we'd love your help growing our list of the most exciting brands! Let us know your favorites. Happy holiday shopping! Jordan
@jomoklein This is awesome—I can't wait to see how you grow the platform. Do you or @aferenci have any estimates on the size of D2C/DNVB market, US or worldwide? I haven't found any good estimates.
I'm surprised Shopify hasn't expanded in to product or brand discovery (cc @robjama). There are so many interesting commerce sites and unique products created around the world but they too face the same challenge as the makers you'll find on Product Hunt: Getting discovered.
@rrhoover, I've wondered why Shopify hasn't made a content play, too. I suspect it's because the majority of their 500,000+ merchants don't fit the profile of a DNVB. Shopify Plus has a higher concentration of brands, but even Plus has its share of multi-brand retailers. It will be interesting to see how Shopify manages the competing interests of their merchant base (most of whom are merchants doing well under $100,000 a year) and the venture-backed, high-growth D2C brands on their Plus platform. They have a lot of variance to manage across different business sizes/models. Fun fact: At one point, Bonobos tried creating an ecommerce tech stack so good that it could support a multi-brand content play. It's great to see @jomoklein and @aferenci make this brand curation the "main thing."
Stoked to see us featured on Goods already. Looking forward to discovering lots more great DTC brands!
@phixx yes I'm obsessed with Article! I just moved and have so many of your pieces on my wish list :)
@linjerco @jmrushworth Will do! They sure make beautiful goods
@linjerco @jmrushworth @jomoklein beautiful website Jordan! Thank you for thinking of us Rushworth :)
@jomoklein I told you about this one at brunch on Sunday Jordy!
@linjerco @jmrushworth @romank It's up there! Let me know if you want me to edit or add anything.
This is very useful for holiday shopping. Beautiful site and experience. Best of luck!
@danseeff Did you see this awesome brand!? :)