Fair. Modern. Cooperative. Renters Insurance for $5/mo.

Goodcover’s mission is to build a community of members enjoying financial peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. Our first service offering is Renters Insurance at half the cost of legacy insurers.
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I thought Lemonade was good until I started using Good Cover. Easy. Simple. Cheap. What more could you ask for? I didn't know I could love renter's insurance until Good Cover launched. Great work people.
@chanfest22 Thank you for the kind words! Happy to have you onboard =)
I just got rid of Lemonade to use Goodcover. I'm extremely impressed!!
Hey Makers, We’re Dan and Chris, co-founders of Goodcover ( and we’re building a fair, modern cooperative insurance service. Our first product launch is Renter insurance that’s half the cost of the old providers. We’ve lowered the price of insurance by cutting out the ‘middleman’ of Agents/Brokers, providing a self-service digital experience, and most significantly because of our cooperative business model. Goodcover is a fully licensed MGA that operates as a cooperative, conducting business for the mutual benefit of our Members. We take a fixed fee on every policy, pool the premiums to pay claims, and then return what’s left over back to Members through an annual dividend. Unlike other insurance providers, we don’t profit from denying claims, because of our cooperative model we eliminate this adversarial conflict and can better serve members in their time of need. We further improved the model of insurance by throwing out standard risk profiles and adopted our own that better serve the modern Member -- it means by asking few more qualifying questions we’re able to segment risk that lowers the cost of insurance for 95% of people. Chris has worked in traditional insurance for ten years and brought his learnings on how to better the system. I (Dan) have been building and leading tech teams for over a decade and co-founded Cloudkick (YCW08). Goodcover is available to all renters in California and expanding to other states soon. We hope you explore and enjoy the product. Lastly, we not only flipped the business model on how to make insurance fair, we even made the quote experience user friendly by not requiring your email or name to see your price, just enter your zip code and see a live price. There were a lot of regulatory hurdles and challenges in finding partners that believed in a more modern and fair approach. It’s taken a while to get right, but it’s a labor of love that’s had real impact on our members already. We’re excited about what's ahead. We’re here happy to answer any questions. ~Dan & Chris (@dispalt & @christopherphiliplotz )