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The idea is good. However, using only the template will not work out. I make a comprehensive research before sending cold emails. Sometimes even the best templates failed because of - wrong timing - wrong person - wrong internal triggers. So, it's useful to mention these. Otherwise, people will feel that your recommendations don't work...
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@lisadziuba Absolutely! The email template is always contingent on doing lead generation correctly. As you said, even the best campaign is completely useless if you are knocking on the wrong door or at the wrong time. You need to make sure that you do lead generation right otherwise everything downstream (email campaigns etc) will be negatively affected.
@lisadziuba ๐Ÿ™ good reminder
@mscccc thanks! I deal with it very often. Sometimes I read a great example of the sales email. I just loved it, so beautiful and well-written ๐Ÿ˜Then I check my spam folder and find the same email with the small changes... Listings of "cool templates" should always have "how-to-use" section. Only copy-paste approaches never works ๐Ÿ˜‘
Hi PH, We know that it's hard to come up with ideas for sales email campaigns: What should I say? Which subject line should I use? How many follow ups should the campaign have? etc. That's why we created Good Sales Emails, so that you can get inspiration from what some of the best companies are doing in terms of email sales. Learn how companies like Mixpanel, Gusto, Adroll, Salesloft and so many others get new customers via email and use those insights in your own campaigns. Let us know what you think and if you find this helpful :)
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@luismbat Absolutely helpful, thank you!
Any data on how any of these performed? Also, it'd be interesting to tag these as: b2b, b2c, inside sales, ACV <$20k, goal is to get connect meeting, goal is to get demo, etc. Overall, pretty sweet!
@philstrazzulla Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we don't have performance data for the email campaigns. Yes we are thinking about adding some tags and some search functionality to the email campaigns :)
@luismbat Hi, if you do not have the performance data then how have you figured out that these are the best ones?
Adding this to my list when I get home. http://bit.ly/coldblitzkrieg
@datarade Thanks Kumar!
[My thought] I went through a couple of sales email even the follow-up but all are random sales email pitching to some decision makers without even introducing yourself. Why would someone give their precious 10-15 minutes without you explaining how that product will help their business? Even the subject line some of them don't have a clear idea of why decision maker should open it. Are those real emails sent across through companies you have mentioned like Mixpanel, Leadspace, etc?
@rafyasarmatta Thanks for the note and for sharing your thoughts. Yes these are real emails. Cold email outreach can be tricky to get 100% right. Sales people end up making basic mistakes all the time e.g. not introducing themselves, not including a call to action etc.
@luismbat Thanks, Luis. Will try some.
@rafyasarmatta in my experieence, you don't need to introduce yourslef. Just get straight to the "whats in it for them." If you actually have a strong value prop, it doesn't matter who you are or what your product features are. The sbuject line just needsto get an open, not provide useful information; my most opened subject line in "hey"
@rafyasarmatta What happens before you get the first email? Keep in mind that you receive these after subscribing (newsletter, account, etc).
@hedged If these emails are received after subscribing to the newsletter then that's completely a different topic. If these emails are for or by cold emails then it won't work most of the time.