Good Habit Print

Stick with habits by putting them on your wall.

A big, vibrant daily reminder to keep your eye on the prize. It's part motivational poster, part journal, with a calendar to X off up to 3 months so you can keep track of your progress in forming good habits.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
@julia_roma 😁 appreciate it.

Could have the option for more days such as a full year.


Great way to track custom habits :)



It reminds me of "The Every Day Calendar" project by Simone Giertz -
@dorothy_cruz I haven't seen that before! Fancy! I love Simone's work ❤️
@pixelswithin Why you only have put 14 checkbox by row ?
@kapsteur I put 14 to leave enough room for 3 months and maybe an extra week. Is that what you mean?
I like the idea, but I wish I could just generate my own habits, and print it out myself immediately.
@axel_norvell That's a really good idea 🤔