Good Chats

The Hunger Games of chat apps

Good Chats is the Hunger Games of chat apps. After each chat you rate each other. Every hour the user with the lowest chat rating gets a lifetime ban. Once a month we also ban 1% of all users. The better your chat, the better your chat matches. If you have rubbish chat, you will be banned for life. Interesting, fun, kind, funny people win this app.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
"The Hunger Games of chat apps" 😆 This is one way to inspire people to ask interesting questions and avoid small talk.
Jordan NelsonMaker of LitCircle
It seems like a bad idea to ban a lot of your active users.
Angelo Embuldeniya
Product Strategist. Investor.
This app could be great for folks who are tasked with leading content marketing for their startups/products to get their copy sounding more human without the nonsense hooks ;)