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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
While I appreciate the simplicity of the landing page, I have no idea what the product does. Yo, @sherm8n! Want to jump in? :)
Sherman Lee
Sherman Lee@sherm8n · Founder Raven. Partner Zeroth. ✍️Forbes.
Thanks @rrhoover! The link posted here is a barebones V1. We're working on V2 that hasn't launched yet. With that, Good Audience makes recommended social engagements that convert into followers. Then converts those followers into clicks/users/traffic/etc. The target market is startups and small businesses. We give a step-by-step workflow to grow your audience from 0 to 10K. If anyone wants to test out the alpha, please give me a shout! We'd love your feedback and help to improve the product :)
Jason@jedi_marketer · Brand Growth Advisor
@SHERM8N interested
Sherman Lee
Sherman Lee@sherm8n · Founder Raven. Partner Zeroth. ✍️Forbes.
@jaithearchitect you're all set to go at
Marc@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
I tried this out and it works amazingly for adding new twitter followers. But I found that I was no longer able to continue using twitter favourites as a 'read it later' (that's how I chose to use favs). I guess that's just my use case and it was a good compromise for the bump in reach. aside - Back in the day, users built the functionality for twitter (@, RT, hashtags) who then integrated them into the product. They still need to address favourites.