A free note-taking app for iPhone & iPad 📝

Gooba is a new, simple and powerful project to take notes. From now on, just take a few seconds to get a note, thanks to the simple interface and quick actions available in the app.

It's a service that will improve more and more. Our goal is to make Gooba complete with every feature, without subscriptions.

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Only this morning, I was wondering when somebody would finally release a note taking app for my iPhone. 😛 But seriously, what makes this better than Apple Notes, Google Keep, Evernote, Bear, and the plethora of note taking apps out there? I downloaded the app to take a look and immediately deleted it when the first ask was to open an account before I could use it.
@andreasduess You need to create an account so you can find all the notes on any device and platform, because I would like to bring Gooba on Android and on the web. It is ad-free and completely free and secure. It also has a simple interface that allows you to take notes quickly. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂
Android please? :) this looks nice and minimal, would like to try it out
@anna_0x Hi, thank you. Gooba for Android may exist next year. 🙂
@kaleidscpe aww next year seems like ages away :( alright, hope you manage to make it eventually anyway! Good luck
@anna_0x thank you so much! 🙂
Is that a dark theme on a note taking app that's free! I'll be trying this out!
@esbvn thank you! 😀
Simple, helpful and very cool!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out! How’s it different from other note taking app
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Gooba is free, without subscriptions or in-app purchases. It’s ad-free and with a simple and beautiful UI which you will learn in some minutes.