Multiplayer Minesweeper in real-time

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Hello hunters, I'm Terry and I'm the maker of GoMine.io. First I'd like to thank @flarup for posting the game here and thank @bentossell for inviting me to the community. Thank you Michael and Ben! GoMine.io is my first game. The name "GoMine" comes from two games I played a lot when I was a child: the ancient board game Go and the classical video game Minesweeper. The game mechanism is also a combination of both: you need to take more territories to win, like Go, and you need to solve number puzzle, like Minesweeper. I've spent quite some time striking the balance between quick clicking and careful calculation. Hope you enjoy the game. I'm happy to answer any question. Please let me know if you have any feedback :)
Dmitry Tsoy
Dmitry Tsoy@hd_deman · Vice3
not available in Russian store :(
@hd_deman Hi Dmitry, I just got a new server near Russian and submitted a new version to AppStore, so the game will be available in Russian in a few days. Hope you will enjoy the game!
Marcus Kay
Marcus Kay@marcus_kay · Founder, Meatti
Love it! Minesweeper is always an addicting game. Also, adding more screenshots to your app profile would definitely help your ASO. I figured you have one screenshot slot unused: http://bit.ly/GoMineio