A way for seniors to use Uber and Lyft

#3 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2016

GoGoGrandparent helps older adults use on demand transportation services. We primarily handle two challenges:

1) Technological accessibility - they call to order a ride, no smartphone required.

2) Ride management - we screen drivers to make sure they're comfortable with seniors, monitor rides and communicate on behalf of the registered callers

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Hi folks! GoGoGrandparent makes it easy for older adults to use services that will help them stay independent. We're starting with making it really easy to call a ridesharing service without having to use a smart phone. Using the service is super simple: when registered callers call (855) 464-6872 they'll hear: "Please press 1 for a car to pick you up from your home, please press 2 for a car to pick you up where we dropped you off last or zero for the operator". We're starting with rides but are already testing food delivery and home care services. You can learn more about our story here (sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/apr/10/gogograndparent-uber-seniors-without-smartphones) - we built it for our grandmas. The service is automated, available everywhere and we have 24/hour phone support. T​hough the average age of our callers is early 80's, t​here ​are no age ​restrictions - in addition to older adults our second largest demographic is the visually impaired. Our fares include an additional $0.27/minute phone service fee, which from what we've seen comes out to an average of between $3 and $4 per ride. ​​We do a lot on our end to customize the experience for older adults. ​When someone registers we'll send them a brochure about how it works and a business card with our numbe​​r​ on it.​​ ​Family members can get automatic text updates whenever a loved one uses the service​​. ​Check out our website and try the demo, if you have any questions​ post them here!
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GoGoGrandparent is an amazing service and I'm so excited to see you take it across the country and keep expanding! So proud!
@justinboogaard Congratulations on launching! Absolutely ❤️ the idea, and really excited for it 😊
@justinboogaard looking forward to continuing to see Ben big impact you're going to have! #technologyforall
@justinboogaard Cool last name Justin!
@boogsau Are there more of us?! I know of one, in Australia, my sister found him on Facebook. His grandfather is from the same fishing village as mine.
GoGoGrandparent is an automated hotline that lets older adults use services that will help them stay independent. First - they're making it possible for the elderly to call a ridesharing service without the use of a smart phone. I'm excited to have my grandparents try them out. We're also excited to have them in the Summer 2016 batch of YC,
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@ilikevests Thanks for hunting us Kevin, we're really happy to be here!
GoGoGrandparent is an amazing product that brings life-changing services like Uber and Lyft to people without smartphones!! So proud of @justinboogaard and the team for bringing this to seniors across the country!
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@foolywk I appreciate you to infinity
This is awesome! My grandmother would love this <3 this is a huge step in making technology more accessible for all!