Your Spotify top artists' upcoming gigs

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BandsInTown is my long-time go-to for this but I prefer GoGigify's clean, compact design. 👏🏼
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. We wanted to keep it as minimal as possible but also be as useful as possible. We've got some great features lined up.
Exactly the kind of small projects that I like. Music and clean design. 😎
@syswarren Thanks Julie, much appreciated and thanks for the hunt!
Beautiful! Is it possible to filter the results by location? I see that I can sort, but if I could filter, then I see myself staring at this at least weekly. Also, thanks for reminding me that Above & Beyond is playing OSL!
@jimmydouglas Hey, currently you can filter by any column by typing in the "Filter Results" field! I'll probably be adding some more comprehensive filtering options over the coming weeks, but we want to keep the UI as simple as possible.
Very cool. Where are you pulling concert data from @jamesckemp?