Free Slack GIFs App, multiple images to pick from at once

GoGifApp: Slack GIFs App, free, with multiple images to pick from at once

/gg [phrase or keyword]

Coming soon: Learns your style as you use it. Lenny Faces, YouTube clips, create a favorites list. Stay updated by subscribing to our mailing list.

BTW, see comments section for a few secret commands :)

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Daniel Sodkiewicz
Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
Hi, this is Daniel and Fabian, creators of GoGifApp.com We’ve created this app to solve our own problem - to get an access to better GIFs on Slack. One big feature we were missing from other apps was seeing a list of a few GIFs at the same time, not just one image. So, multiple images to pick from at once, on its own was for us a big upgrade. We already use GoGifApp (/gg) for almost a year within our startup, and now we are happy to share it with the community.
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Fabian Sodkiewicz
As a bonus, below is a list of a few hidden commands (still in beta) for Product Hunters: /gg l Use a lower-case letter “L” for Lenny Faces (so you can copy paste them into the conversation), no phrase or keyword should be added to this command /gg v [phrase or keyword] This allows you to search for YouTube videos.
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Annie MiltonBelieve You CAN and You're Halfway There
Finally!! :D