Turn your phone into a Call Center

No more dialing numbers manually. Godial automatically places calls for you, tracks contact status like busy, unreachable or sold. Reminds you on callbacks. Increases connectivity by Re churning unreached contacts. Increases Profits and Sales. GoDial Today!
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One fine day, I needed to call about 500 business around my area to pitch for a sale. After dialing 2-3 numbers, I realized how difficult it was to manually call numbers from excel. I had to manually see each number from excel and place the call, then update the sheet. And Viola! Why not have an app that could go through my list, call the numbers, track each call and even remind me on callbacks. After a month of extra strong caffeine and late nights, GoDial happened! How It Works? 1️⃣ Add a contact or Import your whole calling list 2️⃣ Click Start Dialing and Call will get placed 3️⃣ After the Call, set a Status like SALE, NO ANSWER, INTERESTED, BUSY etc 4️⃣ Optionally add a note or schedule a callback 5️⃣ Go to Next call Features ♾ Rechurn Recycle dialed contacts to get the most out of your calling list. Godial allows you to rechurn call status like Busy, Not Available, etc to New and dial them again. Get the most out of your Call List. Increase Sales! 📆 Schedule Never miss a Call. Set a Callback date and Time and get notification Reminders 📂 Import Export from CSV Simple bulk Import any CSV sheet. You can even Export your List with all call details. Your data is safe and stored only your phone 📵 DNC Set any call to DO NOT CALL. Your lists will be filtered and DNC contacts will never be called again 📝 Notes Add notes and remarks to the contact after a call. View anytime and easily export 📨 Template Messages Setup a template message and simply click on Whatsapp, Email or SMS after a call to send an automatic message to the contact without saving the number on your phone GoDial is a simple one-stop solution for all your outbound calling needs. The free plan allows you to store upto 100 contacts and create unlimited lists. Upgrade to the paid plan for unlimited contacts. ✅ Bulk Upload Contacts ✅ Infinite Call Lists ✅ Create Call Notes and Follow Up Actions ✅ Set Up Automatic Message Templates ✅ ReChurn Call Lists in 1 Click ✅ Easy-to-Use List Manager ✅ Send WhatsApp Messages ✅ Schedule Follow Up Calls ✅ Do Not Call List With GoDial, your phone becomes a fully managed call centre in seconds. Try it now for free! ☎️
@snowbreeze this looks fantastic, I really wish this was on iOS. Are you considering adding call recording and automatic transcription?
@tombielecki coming up with iOS in a week. Then will be adding a way to create teams, a web portal, consolidated report. Call recording is definitely coming. Any ideas on how to do transcription, since this is a hybrid app.
"Increase profits by 200%"? That just sounds like a completely arbitrary, unsubstantiated claim and it detracts from your pitch.
@levi1 You are right. Lesson learnt. Point Taken. Thanks :)
What should we do next?
iOS app
Team and Web Portal
Audio Recording and Call Logs
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We are now live on the iOS app store https://apps.apple.com/in/app/go...