Smarter Facebook advertising powered by your email data

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Please add gochime co-founder @joshuaemert so can answer any questions
@adamhirsch - done! Also added CEO, @AustinEvarts. This is really smart. Coming from PlayHaven (now Upsight), I know the importance and potential of proper segmentation.
Hi Everyone! GoChime came at this problem from the social advertising side and we saw a big need to bridge the gap between marketing automation (typically through email marketing) and social advertising. Happy to answer any questions about GoChime. Thanks!
Welcome, @AustinEvarts! People recognize the importance of segmentation (for most businesses) but they're often limited by (1) time and (2) misunderstanding of how to properly target segments. How are you addressing these two challenges?
@rrhoover great questions! Thank you. Some answers are below: (1) Time - the time component is crucial. We have integrations with the major ESPs (and we are building more) so that once you connect your ESP, your segments are securely stored and synced to be made available in Facebook ad campaigns. When the data in your segment changes on the email side, we make sure it changes on the Facebook side, so there is no need to download and re-upload csv files every time your data changes. We are also starting to close the gap between creating an email and running an ad by automatically bringing in your email text and images and putting them in Facebook ad format. (2) Misunderstanding of how to properly target segments - this is one that we are constantly trying to educate our customers based on the data we see. The two best segments we see are 1) targeting the group of people who didn't open your email and 2) targeting lookalike audiences of the people who previously purchased your product. For example, if you target the segment of people who didn't open your email with ads on Facebook, you can increase reach on that list by 2-3x while increasing engagement and click rates. The people on your list weren't "dead", it may just be that email as a medium was too noisy to reach them. Gmail has also made a bunch of changes lately that affect email marketers (tabs, caching images, unsubscribe button, etc.). Email marketers and people who use CRM platforms are starting to realize that they need to find new ways of reaching their customer segments. We are hoping to ride this trend :)