Goalify - Goal, Task & Habit Tracker

Easy to use habit tracker to help you reach your goals!

With Goalify - the easy to use habit tracker app - you will
+ reach your goals
+ manage repeating tasks and To-dos,
+ track your habits,
+ and improve your overall persistence and productivity.
Free mobile app (iOS and Android) and browser access!
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Looks cool! Are you doing anything to reinforce behavior/habits or is the app simply for users to record their milestones?
@mattmayberry Hi Matt, Thank you for your feedback! Goalify was developed to help you reach your goals and be more consistent. You can use it to quickly, easily and effectively record any number of goals or other tasks that you’d like to accomplish. Besides recording your tasks Goalify encourages you as you move toward your goals.You’ll get useful information on your goal performance and detailed advice on how to do even better - remember that consistency is crucial. Goalify ensures success with dynamic reminders, helpful tips and custom push notifications. Our philosophy is that success is not one giant leap but rather the continues realization of many small, consistently taken steps. #keep at it Michael
@boerge30 Thanks for hunting Goalify! We really appreciate your support! Keep at it! Clara & the Goalify-team