Go for Gmail

Check your Gmail from your Mac menu bar

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Amazing app for instantly getting your emails. I use it everyday, how about you?
@pallav_agarwal I personally use Mia for Gmail, but this one seems to be promising. Does it support multiple Gmail accounts ?
@csaba_kissi yes! Supports multiple
@pallav_agarwal great hunt man, thanks. first comment in app store a little deflating about it being buggy on capitan, but def giving it a shot
@pallav_agarwal It's good and I've been using too! Thanks for hunting this Pallav :)
This could be a productivity killer 😁
@rrhoover or vice versa...
No ads and 100% free! It's amazing!
Daaang I bought MailPlane for $25 back in February because it basically does the same thing—wish I could've gotten this earlier!
@sarah_lawrence Sometimes it's worth browsing the app store isn't it.
Perfection Why didn't this happen sooner?
@tabansi I know right!