Go Fit

Workouts for you. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Go Fit is created to make life of regular people more sporty, sexy and happy. Our pain point is that 90% of regular people give up any workouts after 1-2 months. We solved this problem for ourselves by collecting this set of exciting workouts for any place, anytime and any goals. Especially for regular people. Workouts that make us happy.

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Hi ProductHunters 👋, I’m Founder at Go Fit! With Go Fit, you can easily start workout anytime, anywhere. Workout routines are specially adapted for regular people, and Artificial Intelligence is used to match routines to your goals and physique. Your feedback is welcome!
I have been a very happy user of Fitbod for over a year, and it has almost everything that I want. How is this different from Fitbod? Why should I switch? Also matching routines to goals/physique doesn't seem to require Artificial Intelligence. Why is it required?
@tombielecki Artificial intelligence allows you to completely replace your personal trainer. Workouts are selected based on the physical condition of the body, goals and contraindications. Artificial intelligence will select an analogue of the exercise for users with a contraindication to the exercise or the load on certain muscle groups. Also, there is the opportunity to synchronize exercises with the menstrual cycle of women. Another advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it can monitor the user's state in the course of the training, adjust the weight and the number of repeats depending on the frequency of the heartbeat. Thanks for your question!
@tombielecki Fitbod - to increase muscles, it is a question of serious sport. We are about the lifestyle of regular people. Our goal is for people to training more often. We are not a gym, we are about playing sports everywhere and always at any request
Another interesting AI use case, I think the future should be, I take a picture (or upload) the dream physique and the AI trainer gives me the routine and diet that I need to follow. It also keeps up with me and let me know how far away I am. Interesting future is ahead 🔥
@dulitharw Thanks for the idea! We already have this one in our roadmap for the latest releases ;)
On your site, the button at the top is covering the text—on Safari on mobile. A quick fix 😊
@rueter Hey dude! Thanks for your question✌️The thing is that now we’re hardly working on the technology itself and unfortunately with very limited resources. Soon we’re going to make landing more detailed and will optimize for sure😜
Could I upload my own weightlifting routine and make it set goals, pauses, reps, etc. for me?
@lukasz_krawczuk we are preparing something special that will help you :) announce will be in a couple of days, stay in touch