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First person to create a Product Hunt animated video gets a free emoji cookie from yours truly. :)
@rrhoover Love it! Here's some additional incentive. The first five people to use this coupon code when purchasing a 1-month GoPublish subscription ($39) will get 20% off: PRODHUNT20. Hurry... it expires on 8/31/14, and it's only good for the first 5 people who use it. Go here: http://goanimate.com/business/vi...
This looks great. Except I don't know if once I've created and downloaded the video, I want to keep paying a monthly subscription. I'd rather have preferred a one-time payment for the video download.
@pandurang You can create an unlimited number of videos during the length of any GoAnimate subscription, download them, and keep them forever. Even after the subscription expires. Maintaining a monthly subscription is only necessary if you want to use our hosting services. Happy Animating!
Provides libraries with thousands of assets including characters, actions, backgrounds, props, music tracks and sound effects.Develop both narrative videos in which characters speak with lip-sync and move around, and video presentations in which a voice-over narrator speaks over images and props, which may also move around.Easiest animation video tool I have used.
Looks like a nice service! The templates — which enable this service to be easy to use — also seem to be the most limiting factor in GoAnimate's future. I can imagine a future where GoAnimate videos are popular — but in that future, "Ugh, it's another one of those template videos" is also a common phrase. Any plans to avoid the over reliance on templates? A steady stream of new illustration templates? An option to allow users to upload their own illustrations and map them to animations?
@extremelyn Thanks for the kudos and the questions. While we offer templates, it's not the core of our service. Along with many different themes, containing thousands of pre-animated actions, poses, and everyday situations, subscribers have access to our custom character creator. Using the custom character creator, you can change hair styles, skin color, body shapes, clothing, shoes, and many other things to make your videos truly unique. And, yes, we are constantly adding new themes and action packs, most recently "Healthy Lifestyles" and "Sports." RE: Uploaded your own illustrations -- You can upload images, videos, audio files, and Flash-based animations directly into the GoAnimate video maker.
@md_tl Very cool! Sounds like you guys are poised to evolve the product well. Best of luck :)
GoAnimate is really an amazing platform to create animated videos