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Hey everyone - Many of us love Crowdfunding new projects, but discovery of new Crowdfunding projects sucks. We created Gnusfeed to solve that problem. Gnusfeed is an updated feed of everything new in Crowdfunding. Find what you're interested in across platform and categories. Sign up to stay updated on those & other hot Crowdfunding projects. Let me know what you think!
@macknuttie Aaron - What is Betabrand? How often do you guys launch new 'brands' Where do you manufacture?
@justjoshinyah Betabrand is a crowdfunded clothing company. People submit design ideas through our Think Tank. If popular enough, we create a prototype and crowdfund it. Once it tips, we make it and the design collaborator gets a commission.
To be honest, I'm not convinced people want another layer of crowdfunding curation like this. People get excited about certain types of products or movements, not necessarily the mechanic of crowdfunding itself. Something like this might work if focused on a specific community of people (e.g. healthcare, education, video games, startups in Africa) but when it's so broad, it doesn't seem to add much to what Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others already provide in curation and discovery. Maybe I'm completely wrong. Thoughts, @macknuttie?
@rrhoover People seem to love backing meaningful projects by real people. Success of the major platforms shows that. There is emotion and community built in. The problem is finding what you're interested in without needing to go to Kickstarter then Indiegogo then Crowdrise then etc... We aim to create a feed of everything new in crowdfunding, not a curated subset. Then, we aggregate them all in one place and make discovery across platform easy. We've identified the most common header categories then connect all tags the inventors want to use (we call it View Tags). This type of discovery isn't available other places. You can use Gnusfeed to find your specific communities in one easy place. I understand the "Crowdfunding for XX" approach, but it still forces you to jump to various sites to find everything you're interested in.
@rrhoover @macknuttie > The problem is finding what you're interested in without needing to go to Kickstarter then Indiegogo then Crowdrise then etc Interesting. Who faces that problem? (I don't)
@rrhoover @karangoel You go to each of those sites every day to find what's new in Crowdfunding?
@macknuttie I saw a similar problem when I launched CrowdLoot 8 months ago.. there are a few other similar sites around now. eg BackerNews. I see the value in an aggregated collection, but my view was slightly different to yours - As per @karangoel I worked off the premise that people stick to a single platform (I only ever use Indiegogo or Pozible if there is a project I really like, but back tons on Kickstarter), but that the platforms themselves were becoming 'crowded' with low quality projects. Eg The Kickstarter algorithms only really promote already successful projects and the staff picks tend to be eclectic/artsy, so there were some meaningful projects getting lost in the noise. To touch on @rrhoover 's point, I think there's a pretty big community of people that want to know about the latest (good) Crowdfunding projects. There are people on Kickstarter that have backed hundreds (thousands?) of projects. And despite Kickstarter's efforts to improve discovery, they admit there's things that they haven't done right (see @jason's recent interview with Yancey). But I've also found that it's Kickstarter makers/creators that are the most interested in how other projects are going (and in getting their projects listed). And to be honest, I feel that's probably not too different from ProductHunt. I would imagine that most people who engage with this site are working on a product of some sort (whether it's been hunted or not). The main challenge then, is that the Kickstarter maker community is a lot smaller, and also very transient. Having just finished it, I'll be looking for beta testers in makerhunt of the completely rewritten CrowdLoot 2.0 sometime in the next 24 hours, which (in addition to project tracking and some usability improvements) will begin to include more tools and resources for project creators, based on my own experiences using and funding on the platform..
@macknuttie @rrhoover right now it is more aggregation than curation. the first step is getting everything in one place - from there we can offer curation that no single site can. where else can you see all technology projects from both ks and ig? eventually we'd love to add more features around curation like collections etc. i think we could add more sources as well to get an even more complete picture of the crowdfunding space.
I'm not sure how many people say "I want to crowd fund something today." But I do. Semi regularly. So this one ring to rule them all model works for me.
@mackflavelle Yeah I think the aggregation is a pretty neat feature. I originally planned to expand CrowdLoot to other platforms but realised it's Kickstarter I want to align with. Still not sure about that long-term but it fits with my growth strategy so i may never expand.. we shall see
Out of curiosity, why is your default sort by highest funded? Backernews does this too and i always felt it means that returning users see the same projects day in and day out
@rossdcurrie That's a great point and something we went back and forth with. Probably defaulted to personal use case of always being interested in the largest funding projects. Still not sure if it's right given I agree that it could make things appear stale when they're actually not.
@macknuttie Yeah it's mainly around the staleness point for me. I guess my thought on it is that I can go to Kickstarter and look at most funded already, but I can't go and see today's best projects... unless you dig the staff picks, which I usually don't.