Gmail Audio Alerts

The audio alerts Gmail should have

I was annoyed that Gmail didn't have audio alerts so I made this. The entire app runs within chrome, there are no server calls or data shared back with me. I hope you all get some use out of it.

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Hey @arlogilbert, This is useful! What are you working on next?
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@jacqvon Thanks. No shortage of ideas, I’ll probably launch another company before the end of the year.
Upvoted for the idea but I don't think I want dings every few minutes 😂
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@rrhoover the old school guys I interview on Mixergy use Outlook and the sings drive me nuts when we talk. How can they get work done with so many distractions?
@rrhoover Agreed. I think a great feature of this would be to assign a particular audio with specific email recipients.
Great job !! 😊 Loved the idea of gmail sound alert but my question is that do you have any options in mind for making the alert to silent in case your in meeting or you are annoyed with the constant alert sound if you get more than 100 plus mails
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@ayush_chandra good idea, thanks. I just pushed an update that includes a silence option. Will auto update within 12 hours.
Love it, installed it. I miss too many work emails these days. Also, this review made me smile. -
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Such interesting voices you have really liked it. Helps me in using gmail with more interest now.