Gmail Add-ons

Work with your favorite business apps directly in Gmail

Gmail Add-ons let you improve workflows by allowing users to take care of tasks without leaving Gmail. Partners who have built Gmail Add-ons you can install today include Asana, Dialpad and Trello.

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Gmail Add-ons provide a completely new way of integrating your app's functionality into Gmail, right when your users need it most. Natively on Android, iOS and web. Gmail Add-ons will be generally available later this year, but today you can sign up for the Developer Preview.
This is finally available! It has been in the works for as much as 7 months? Product Hunt now has a new use-case: product timeline analysis. 🎉
Outlook already supports Add Ons or plug ins right? Nice to see Gmail catch up!
This looks awesome and will benefit anyone that has a Chrome extension for Gmail and wants to bring that functionality to mobile. I wish it was generally available though -- just signed up for the Developer Preview. Anyone know how long it takes the Gmail team to respond?
@parttimesnob You no longer need to sign up for the Developer Preview. The documentation is all available here:
Very interested to see what other add-ons roll out over the next few months. This could be very very useful. I'd love to see integrations with Harvest, Basecamp or Flow, and Slack.