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A two-course academy to boost your productivity and efficiency when managing your emails. Refresh your knowledge of all the basic Gmail features and learn new things in our Advanced course. List of most useful Gmail add-ons included.

  • Gala Pryhodko
    Gala PryhodkoStartup, Marketplaces

    1. simple explanations

    2. good design

    3. chose cool features


    I didn’t know some things about Gmail(

    It is great courses for teaching people who don’t know how to use Gmail and for saving time for teachers)

    Also, Advanced course is a very cool hint for upgrading knowledge in Gmail.

    But, as I understand, the Academy Ocean is a platform for creating different courses.

    Gala Pryhodko has used this product for one month.
  • Kosta Bankovski
    Kosta BankovskiGrowth Hacker

    1. Good tutorial for new employees.

    2. Well separated data for beginners and advanced users.

    3. User-friendly UI/UX.

    4. Fancy design.


    Somebody can say that fancy design can distract.

    Thanks for your academy, Vladimir! Always happy to see your new starts and use them in usual workflow.

    Kosta Bankovski has used this product for one year.
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Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of
Hey product hunters! Some of you may remember the History of Product Hunt which we featured back in April this year. Well, today my team and I are pleased to present to you our latest Academy — Gmail Academy. It’s a collection of courses about the new Gmail and all its features. Initially, we created it for our internal use to improve the productivity of new team members at AcademyOcean. This was very important for our team since some of us spend several hours every day in our Inboxes. But after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who finished the courses, we decided to share this academy with other people. Our Gmail Academy has two courses: Basic course — covers all the basic settings and new Gmail features. It will be useful to anyone who switches to Gmail or just wants to refresh their knowledge. Advanced course — covers more in-depth features and settings, plus looks at some of the most useful add-ons to boost Gmail productivity. Hope you will enjoy this Academy as much as we did enjoy making it. PS: feel free to share it with anyone who may want a boost to their Gmail skills ;)
Just to make it clear. So now I can run email courses for my users?
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of
@ruslannaz not really. We still believe that Academies approach is much more effective than email courses. : ) Email courses provide much less interactivity, poor statistics and readers are not focused on your content, as they are distracted by other emails in their inbox. : ) But if you run email courses, you can easily shift from that and transform your content into a much more effective Academy (either for your current customers, or for lead generation).
Anastasia Zdorikova
Anastasia Zdorikova@anastasia_zdori
Wow, never thought I don't know so much about Gmail. Hubling experience, guys XD
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of
@anastasia_zdori that was the reason why we made this academy public. And we are glad that it helps you to learn more about how to use Gmail. Thanks : )
Artem Melikian
Artem Melikian@artem_melikian · Netpeak
It was incredibly useful! I already knew almost everything. But! Now I have a certificate! Just kidding:) Really a lot of useful features. I will send the course to the team, clients, parents... Everyone, probably:)
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of
@artem_melikian have you shared this certificate on Linkedin? : )
Katia Sizova
Katia Sizova@gatanetpeak · VP of Customer Success, Serpstat
So cool! Structured, comprehensive and visual. Gmail should make it a part of its Knowledge Base!
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of
@gatanetpeak thank you, Katia! : )