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My favorite addition: Undo Send This feature has saved me quite a few times in the web version of Gmail (pro tip: enable it in your settings here.)
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@rrhoover One of the most underrated gmail labs innovations.
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@rrhoover Also would pay for a decent SMS app that integrates this in a smart way.
@rrhoover True! but max of 30 sec limit saves meanly 5% of times.
@rrhoover swipe to archive and delete... sweet, but I'm still missing snooze
@pedrofuentes @rrhoover I second that! it's a waste that swipes to both (!) sides do the same thing..
So they just killed Inbox by having the exact same design, (almost all) features, interactions on Gmail? 🤔
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@antoineplu tweet both gmail and inbox the other day wondering about differences. Seems Inbox keeps it neater with bundles though
@antoineplu missing two of my favourite features however – Reminders & the ability to save web links to your Inbox.
@antoineplu really? I don't see reminders or snoozing. If they have that I would start using Gmail app. Not on Android either.
@jbriscoe saving web links is awesome. Killed pocket for me
The new Gmail app has: ✅ Swipe to archive! ✅ Undo Send! ✅ Did I mention swipe to archive!! 🎉🎉🎉
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@nivo0o0 Who uses Archive anyhow
@raritan @nivo0o0 Me. (And, I think, everyone who doesn't get ginormous amounts of email and wants to keep their inbox sanity.)
@fabiobracht @nivo0o0 Maybe I should start trying it. Sounds exhausting though... Also can't you easily Archive in iOS default mail?
@raritan @nivo0o0 It's no more exhausting than the cognitive exhaustion of having 3 or 4 or 5 digits on your unread mail count. :) And it's easy to start: select every email on your Inbox — every single one — go through the last month or so, deselect everything that looks both actionable and important, then Archive All. If it's older than a month it's not really important — if it was, you would have replied/take action by now. And if there's anything older than a month that is actually important, it will come back to the top of your inbox at some point. Relax. From this point on, it's just a matter of not letting the emails pile on again. Archive everything that's not important or actionable. Create filters to help you with this. (Google Inbox's automatic "bundles" are great for this.) Deflect emails to come back another day if they're important but you won't be taking action on them today. If you start to go too many days without reaching Inbox Zero and too many mails are piling up on your Inbox (for me this threshold is 15, 20 max), make a concentrated effort to get to Inbox Zero that day and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.
@fabiobracht @nivo0o0 My issue is for search (on iOS mail app) the results do not show if it's been archived
Has Gmail brought unified inbox to iOS yet? Seems like Android has had it for so long.
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@robbettis ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ GIVE UNIFIED INBOX. I don't understand why this option isn't available.
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@mannyorduna @robbettis Totally - this needs to be at the top of their feature list!
@adammash @robbettis The technology just isn't here yet!
@mannyorduna @robbettis it's on android they do this refresh and still not available. I am staying with inbox mainly because I love bundles..
@kenrossi @robbettis same, I'm with inbox but hate that there is no unified inbox.
Dammit the default view is now always "Important & Unread". Even if you switch views manually, it switches back next time (and you can't change the default anywhere)
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@guy I hate this. I want to determine what's important to me.
@aprudy @guy Agree. I'm carrying a iPhone 7 Plus now, and they managed to take up so much more of the screen with garish defaults that it actually lost information density and personal relevance.
@rgoodwin @guy You and me both. I don't mind having the ability to shift to Important and Unread but I want to start with a chronological Inbox.
@aprudy @rgoodwin @guy Could not agree more.
@guy old comment (I know!) but if you're looking for a different layout you may want to consider some gmail extensions. We have one (DragApp.com) but there are loads thatn will add a lot 'extra' onto Gmail experience.