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Hey guys, I'm the founder and CEO of Glose - the social reading platform for ebooks, available on the web and iOS. We are launching GLOSE on Android today - youhou! To celebrate this we are offering 30% OFF ALL OUR 500,000 BOOKS TO ALL PRODUCT HUNTERS. Get the discount by accessing our exclusive Product Hunt landing page and pack your app with all the New York Times best sellers and the best tech & start up books around. Glose is a social reading platform for ebooks, where you can discover, purchase, read, and engage with over 500,000 books. We make reading more social, interesting, and efficient by providing you with ways to engage with like minded readers through shared annotations in the margins of the books you like. It's like an online bookclub, where we put reading on steroids. - We packed the bookstore with all the best tech & start up books like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs' new biographies, essays by Ben Horowitz, Paul Graham, Eric Ries, Alexis Ohanian... Get 30% off all of that. - We have all the new releases from your favorite fiction and non fiction authors, from Malcolm Gladwell to Stephen King. New York Times best sellers and everything. - We are open (and begging) for feedback from so please feel free to share comments and questions! You know what's cool? Reading.
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@nicoprincen I upvoted you, not only to congratulate you, but also to thank you for the shoutout. Congrats!
Thanks! I read your book and really liked it. I dropped a few anotations too https://glose.com/book/without-t.... It's one of the reads that inspires my team right @aenehc. @alexisohanian @nicoprincen
Glad to see this on Android :)
@colemercer Hey there! Thanks for the encouragement.
Great to see you again in this thread - I remember your feedback on the iOS app. Glose team sends its best to Souncloud team - we're fans!
Really nice product !
Thanks! We appreciate the support! @nicolasfallourd
Good job guys!!! So happy to see the app running on Android
Haha thanks @clem_guillon I know you've been waiting for it for quite some time! Check out the start up books in there - good stuff. And we've got a book for you here : https://glose.com/book/run-or-die-2
I have been using Glose for a little while and I am a fan. Congrats to the whole team!
Thanks @melkisch We appreciate the support! And your reads!