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Make your remote tech team your competitive advantage

Get a team of world-class developers hired based on your custom requirements in under six weeks. All operations are taken care of: recruitment, office, HR, payroll. You keep complete ownership of your roadmap and can focus on building a great product.
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Hey, makers! We are so excited to launch on PH today! Our story started over four years ago when my two non-tech cofounders and I were building our very technical startup. After we raised our first round and moved from Europe to Silicon Valley, we had a massive problem of hiring and managing our technical team. We tried to work with several outsourcing companies, but it was such a mess, and it really felt like they were stuck somewhere in the nineties. So, after we exited, we started to build a service that would help startups hire and scale their technical teams. At the same time, Andy Baynes with an executive background at Apple, Nest and Google joined us as a 4th cofounder. Our vision is simple: take care of all possible overhead of hiring and running a team, so founders can focus on building a great product. We are no-bullshit, transparent and obsessed with helping our clients grow. It was never our intention to build another outsourcing agency. A big story for us is to bring all experience of hiring and running your team online, aid it with actionable data insights and scale it worldwide. We understood pretty early on that for this to work out, we would need to figure out how to nail all the offline staff: recruitment, HR, offices, etc. From our first client, we were gathering tons of data and applied all the lean technics you would do while building a product company. We also tried to automate everything we can in all our processes. That made us faster, cheaper and much more efficient than other similar companies out there. Today we are making the first step towards the long-term vision with a plan to digitalize everything from recruitment and onboarding of your team to day-to-day management and analytics over the 2020 timeline. Join us on a mission to change how tech teams are hired and managed in the future. Please, give us feedback. We love it!
Excited by the way you work and the quality of newly-launched product. I wish I had a remote team!
@new_user_d09c036fb5 Thanks for your support!
Great job, guys! Wish you the best of luck!
@vladazdioruk Thanks for supporting us!
I've been working with those guys for more than a year now, as a software engineer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», and I can say remote teams is definitely their thing, Global Talent team handles all the possible obstacles on the ground and helping us engineers focus on the job, also removing lots of friction for our management oversees 🌍. Will definitely recommend them as an option πŸ†, if you've considered extending πŸ“ˆ your engineering team πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’». btw, congrats on ph launch gt team πŸš€πŸ¦„
@daniil_kutsyna this is the best comment ever! Thanks so much, Dan for believing in us so early on! For the context: Dan was one of the first engineers to join us over a year ago when we just started. Back then we had only the idea of what we want to do and the future was so uncertain. What a ride!
@the_andriy_bond thanks! keep it up πŸ”₯
Great service to help companies optimize their hiring efforts!
@alena_kalibaba Thanks fro the feedback! We really try to maximize positive output for founders because we have been there ourselves and know how essential is your tech team for your success.