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Thousands of spaces in one coworking membership.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2020
Powered by our app, members can access over 1,600+ coworking spaces across 500+ cities, all of which can be discovered and reserved conveniently from your phone. The network grows each day, adding locations wherever you are and wherever you travel to.
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Hi Product Hunt Community! Global Pass has been a year in development and 4 years in the making. We created this product to enable professionals like you (and ourselves) the ability to access coworking space anywhere in the world, with ease. Accessing coworking space for day usually has friction in the process with registration, forms, and sometimes even requiring deposits! Global Pass solves all that. We'd love your support in this product launch, and we hope you'll love the product as much as us! You can now access 1,600+ coworking spaces, in 108 countries with Global Pass. Sam Marks (Founder)
Great, I've been looking for something like this!
@antoniofaralli great Antonio! We hope you enjoy the experience on Global Pass and it is serves the purpose you've been looking forward.
Wow, what a great idea! I always have trouble finding proper coworking spaces outside my home city. Now finally a solution that is so simple to use!
@victoria_alvarez We agree, Victoria! Find a space on the app, book it, arrive & get to work productively. It's that easy!
Tackles a huge issue in the remote working space. Not surprising this came from the invest like a boss podcast team :)
@tejus_patel thanks for the feedback Tejus!
Will definitely give it a shot. What I'm missing is a list view of places on the website. Any indication on how many spots you have in Alicante?
@hans_dekker Hi Hans! Welcome to Global Pass - we're very happy to have you. Cool that you are interested in Alicante, in the past I lived there for a year! It's a wonderful place to work. Currently we have 2 locations in Alicante city with 40+ more spaces available across Spain, & the list grows everyday. You can see them all on the app map :)
@hans_dekker we also have a this page (link below) available that shows a coverage map, plus city directory with each city. Note that the coverage map has just one marker for every city we have coverage in, not a marker for every space in the network.