Mint for health. Retrieve, analyze & share your health data.

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Hi Hunters! We’ve been told we’re just crazy to try and help people do what they’re trying daily to get done, to own and share even a glimpse of their health (pun intended).  So, we went ahead and just built it. Gliimpse allows you to automagically collect and organize your personal health data from your healthcare providers into a single, secure place. It's your personalized and shareable health profile. Let us know of any questions you have, and make sure to claim your Gliimpse! Hope you like it!
Hi @jpozast! This is really great. What sets Gliimpse apart from HealthVault? Personally, I already collect my medical records (automatic Fitbit syncing, automatic upload of employer's annual Know Your Numbers cholesterol/glucose/etc. screening, manual import of records from my health provider's Epic-based eChart system, and manual upload of paper documents) and store them in HealthVault. I also trust Microsoft to keep my data secure and I can privately share data with other people that I trust. So, what's the killer feature that would make me move from HealthVault to Gliimpse? Really great to see innovation in this space! Great work!
Hey @mbmccormick! Gliimpse and MS HealthVault are similar to the extent we both are focused on providing people a FREE access to their personal health data. MS HealthVault does a nice job of importing QSD data (fitbit and others as you mention, something that Gliimpse will do in the future). But that's where the similarity ends.  Gliimpse is the only scalable app (platform) that allows US users to gather their clinical data automagically from thousands of health systems (not manually). And we convert those records into computable data, so that users can avail of value-added features (like Search, Outliers and Know-your-Numbers, just a few to begin with) powered by both Gliimpse and our API-partners. We are just getting started on these features... many more that will benefit users are coming soon. If you want a product that stays with you life-long, irrespective of which health system has your data, that allows you to share your portable health story, then we'd say Gliimpse is the obvious choice. Thanks for asking!
@jpozast Thanks for the reply! Just signed up. Now I see the "automagic" - this really is Mint for health! Selected my healthcare provider's portal and entered my credentials, Gliimpse pulled in all of the data. Very cool!
@mbmccormick Awesome! Thanks for sharing here!
I just signed up and added three hospitals and it got my data right away. Really impressive! What are your plans for the future?
@alihrrrs_ali Thanks for the compliment, Ali! Our plans are to bring our product to 317M people here in the US, to start with. And enhance the value-add for our users through partnerships with others in the Healthcare space. Do invite others to try-out Gliimpse, we'd love to hear their feedback and we value word-of-mouth referrals tremendously! Thanks again!
BTW, we are currently in private beta, but you can use the PH link for exclusive access!
Thank you, Hunters, for your support and the awesome feedback we've been getting about Gliimpse. Keep it coming :)