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Building apps from spreadsheets just got way more powerful

#3 Product of the WeekNovember 05, 2019
Glide Pro takes your apps the next level with support for 25,000 rows, custom branding & domains, in-app purchases, GSuite Shared Drives, background refresh, & email-based access control. And our Data Editor brings logic and code-free formulas to your app. 😎
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Hello, Product Hunters! 👋 Today we’re launching Glide Pro, a premium version of Glide for users who need more power. We’re also announcing many new features for the free version of Glide, including our spreadsheet-like Data Editor. 🤔 What's Glide? • Glide helps you build beautiful, useful mobile apps from Google Sheets, without code • You can share Glide apps instantly with a link • Updating your sheet updates the app and vice versa 💪 What makes Glide Pro "pro"? • Use your own brand and domain • Power your app with up to 25k rows of spreadsheet data • Allow users to upload 10GB of images & files • Make in-app payments with lower fees • Limit app access based on user email or domain • Make apps from sheets in GSuite Shared Drives • Display up to 1,000 address pins per map • Support for time-based & IMPORT formulas with Background Refresh ⚡ We're supercharging free apps too • Our Data Editor adds code-free logic and formulas to your app • Buy Button, File Picker, and Geolocation are now available in free apps We hope you love it and can't wait for your feedback! Thank you, David & The Gliders PS: Read our launch blog for more.
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@dvdsgl Looks awesome, but what about us early users with free apps that have more than 500 rows?
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@dvdsgl • Make in-app payments with lower fees is it stripe ? how does this work ?
@dvdsgl Congratulations on the launch for Pro! Can i create multiple projects for $19monthly? or is it just per app and just more space? thanks.
@boetter all early apps that already had many rows remained unlimited.
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@dvdsgl @fajarsiddiq Looks like the pricing grid at the home page says it's per app.
I just checked out Glide and I'm completely blown away - nocode is getting super next level! I love your video for Glide pro, it's super sexy and well executed. I also really like the overall design and feel of your landing page (and that classy English accent!). Your pro features look like a total no-brainer for a serious Glide user. It took a bit of clicking around to realize that Glide creates a progressive web app (PWA), not a native app. I'm a huge fan of PWAs (because I don't want to have to learn to build native apps) but I suspect some users think of an app as something they can install from the app store. Do you have any plans to enable users to create native style apps that can be installed via the app store or PWA only? I guess my main concern is around the install process of PWAs. I like your modal that explains to click the share arrow then "add to home screen" but I wish there was more of a native "install" prompt for PWAs... Congratulations on your launch! :)
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@alxcnwy Thank you so much! That was our original assumption too, but we're finding way more traction with PWA that we ever expected. We will support all kinds of apps eventually, but right now avoiding the app stores has been a huge accelerator for us as we build the first generation of the product.
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Glide is the tool I'm most enthusiastic about in the no code field and I try them all!
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Congratulations @dvdsgl @markprobst @antonio_garcia_aprea. Glide is changing the world - time to go pro! 👊👊👊
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Glide is awesome!
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