All-in-one Quick Look plugin for macOS

#3 Product of the DayMay 17, 2020
Glance provides Quick Look previews for files that macOS doesn't support out of the box.
Supported file types:
• Source code
• Markdown
• Archive (ZIP, TAR)
• Jupyter Notebook
• Tab-separated values (TSV)
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Hello, Product Hunt! 👋 Very excited to share my latest Mac app, Glance! 😊 Quick Look is a very handy and time-saving feature for Mac power users. By pressing the Space bar, it allows you to peek into files without opening them. macOS supports previews for various file types out of the box. However, there are also many that aren't supported, especially files that developers usually interact with. I used to have five different apps installed to support such files (one for code, one for JSON, one for Markdown, etc.). But it bothered me that their previews don't have a consistent look, don't support Dark Mode, and that some of them might stop working in the future because they still use a deprecated macOS API. Glance solves all these problems and combines the features of many plugins into one. It provides consistent and beautiful previews. The app is completely free, open source and easy to extend for new file types! 🎉
@samuelmeuli 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
This is super useful and it looks beautiful! Love it and thanks! 👍🏻
Looks amazing, thanks for making this.
Congrats on the launch, this looks very useful
Love it! Thanks. Especially useful on markdown notes or readme files for me. I do think being able to add 'registered patterns' to the list of 'recognized file types' would be very useful. For example, I have *.gs files i would like to add to 'JavaScript' recognized types. (these are google apps script files btw). Just an idea. Thanks. r in dallas, tx