Maximize your social impact: a portfolio approach to giving

Givalytics is an app to help you allocate your giving similar to how you invest in stock portfolios. Prioritize your causes using pairwise comparison and let the app allocate your giving capital by cause or by organizations that comprise your cause portfolio.

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@clearlykoren how do the funds get to the charities? The "fund concept" seems quite similar to -- could you explain the difference?
@parterburn Hi Paul.. at this stage Givalytics is a tool that calculates how much to give to your selected charities based on prioritization of your causes. The app helps to prioritize causes using the "pairwise comparison" method, which is the core differentiator for the app (vs brightfunds for example). The long-term goal is to grow Givalytics into a full-fledged giving platform that will provide funds transfer services, impact metrics, as well as social features. Broadly, Givalytics aims to make giving analytically aligned with your personal impact goals (similar to how allocating capital across financial instruments in a portfolio aligns to investment goals).
I like the concept so far. Looking forward to see what the next steps are for development.
Do I really have to make an account to use this tool if all it is supposed to do is calculate how much to give to a charity? Will you team up with charity navigator to support only the top charities that have the top scores?
@jessehojjensen Hi Jesse! Your selected causes, organizations, priorities, and allocations are stored in the cloud so that you can switch devices and not lose that info -- this is why the app requires a registration/login. Good news is once you are logged in, unless you manually sign off, you will remain signed in indefinitely. The app asks minimal information (name, email, password -- that's it!) to make the registration painless. Finally, as the app/platform expands, you will certainly be storing more information server-side, so might as well create an account at the beginning and seamlessly receive new features. And yes, in the future, I'd like to incorporate either charity navigator itself or something like it to inform charity selection for a given cause.