Snapchat & Instagram giveaways made easy

Giv is a dead simple tool for creating engaging Snapchat and Instagram giveaways.

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Hey Product hunters and thanks @benln for helping us out. I am super happy to introduce you to Giv 🎁! Giv is the easiest way to make giveaways on Snapchat and Instagram stories. While working on Lifeslice and seeing our Snapchat account growing, we realized that there we could engage with our followers in other interesting ways. We love giving swag away and decided to build a small tool that could leverage stories to reward our users…and Giv came to life!🎁🎁 Creating a Giv is simple: - Start a Giv and select a prize - Attach your link to your story! - ??? - Profit! πŸ’ΈπŸ€‘ We are super excited to get it in the hands of the product hunt community and we would love your feedback! πŸ™πŸ™ *** "Why are users asked to enter giveaways using their email addresses?β€œ, you ask? Well, after talking to our users, we realized that getting in touch via Snapchat & Instagram wasn’t always easy. However, every Gen-Z/Millennial has an email! After all, they need one to download apps πŸ˜‡***
@benln @bouazizalex Awesome marketing product guys!
@benln @rhaivimies Thanks @rhaivimies! and thanks so much for being one of our early adopters. The @Sounds_app team was awesome as always!
@benln Would love to see an example of this live as a demo and also a video of how this is set up It looks to be free at the moment - what are your plans for monetisation?
Hi @krishnade ! We’ll get a demo up. As of now, we are not really looking into monetasing Giv, we built it to engage further with our own followers and we figured we’d share it! Here is an example we just made for started (@lifesliceapp)
@bouazizalex Thanks for coming back to me on this
This is interesting! Eager to look into this further as we've had fun and found success growing our newsletter through email giveaways. I could see this working similarly well on Snapchat and Insta. cc @Ems_Hodge
@ems_hodge @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I’d love to hear your and @Ems_Hodge thoughts and feedback on Giv. Feel free to reach out at - We just started a givaway for Lifeslice πŸ€—
Pretty cool stuff (and hack!)
@ourielohayon Thanks! For the early feedback and help
Finally a really useful app! πŸ€‘πŸš€πŸ˜
Simple and easy to use with a beautiful UI and great mobile compatibility. Good job!
@aviwolicki Thanks Avi! Lots of work and beer went into building Giv, I'm sure @jshwrnr will be pleased to hear! 🍻