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very nice UI. Too bad it is only available for Mac
Git just celebrated its 10 years anniversary, but most engineers are still confused by its intricacy (3 of the top 5 questions of all time on Stack Overflow are Git related). Since Git turns even simple actions into mystifying commands (“git add” to stage versus “git reset HEAD” to unstage anyone?), it’s no surprise users waste time, get frustrated, distract the rest of their team for help, or worse, screw up their repo! GitUp is a bet to invent a new Git interaction model that lets engineers work quickly, safely, and without headaches. It's unlike any other Git client out there from the way it’s built (it interacts directly with the Git database on disk), to the way it works (you manipulate the repository graph instead of manipulating commits). With GitUp, you get a truly efficient Git client for Mac: - A live and interactive repo graph (edit, reorder, fixup, merge commits…), - Unlimited undo / redo of almost all operations (even rebases and merges), - Time Machine like snapshots for 1-click rollbacks to previous repo states, - Features that don’t even exist natively in Git like a visual commit splitter or a unified reflog browser, - Instant search across the entire repo including diff contents, - A ridiculously fast UI, often faster than the command line. GitUp is available in Pre-Release today. Create a free GitUp account to access the community forums, advanced features in the app, and more. Give it a shot and be sure to share your feedback!
@swisspol Interesting new product. As someone who's pretty new to Git (< 3 months) and jumped straight into the command line I've found the learning curve to be pretty reasonable. I still Google for some commands but it's getting less & less frequent. Regarding confusion over `git add` to stage and `git reset HEAD` to unstage, it makes total sense. Both `git add` & `git rm` stage a change, and if you want to unstage that using a command like `git remove` wouldn't make sense, as really what we want to do is reset our staging area. Interested to see what seasoned Gitters think, my main comment is that the command line isn't very hard but just has an initial learning curve. I'd recommend anyone who uses Git to at least learn the command line version, for me it's given me a greater understanding of how things work, I can't see myself ever going for a GUI now.
I can see this as a great helper for learners as well. As you can see, git can be very confusing and judging from your landing page, it looks like you can easily visualize what you're doing/about to do! I'll give it a shot :)
@thibautdavoult Thanks for trying! It should help for Git learners indeed, especially for merges and rebases as it become a lot more visual. Please share feedback on
@swisspol It looks amazing :) Are there any plans for a Linux version sometime in the future?
@alfongj I'm afraid no, sorry. I'm a big fan of cross platform products, especially Linux / OS X, as it can be pretty easy, but here it's a ton of UI / Obj-C code which is non-portable :(
@swisspol @alfongj damn! because it looks good :( I will stay with my console then.
Great tool, especially for people with visually-wired brains (like myself) this is an awesome tools. It also helps to understand what is going to with the git and as @thibautdavoult mentioned a great resources for those learning. Funny enough I was recently reading, and wanted to create a simpler and even more visual blog post out of it. Your tool seem to solve that need now.
@salimmadjd Thanks for the kind words! Once you've played with it quite a bit, please share any feedback on