Get paid to work on open source

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How is this not called GitPaid?
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@jlax @noinput that's good
@jlax Oh man we should have asked you first!
@mattmueller Surely not too late to rename it?
It would be cool to directly integrate crowdfunding (from users) for the tasks/features.
@jherskowitz Definitely. This platform does that already : but it hasn't acquired enough popularity!
I like the feel of this a lot more than other freelance-directed sites like Odesk. The search function could use some improvement though. I want to be able to search for keywords like "PSD" or "responsive", not just search for repos.
Really interesting, may give it a try... any .NET devs on the platform?
@mmezzacca Sweet! Right now we don't have a breakdown on what developers are specialized in. We're actively recruiting developers from GitHub and mailing lists so if you post a task, I'm confident we'll find you someone great :-)
Seems like a cool concept. Make money by working on open source tasks.