Plug and play portfolio for developers

#4 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2017

GitShowcase is a plug and play portfolio for developers. Open source and free.

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I tried it out month ago, I guess. Nice solution for showing GitHub Open Source projects & skills in a visual way! What is work plan for monetization? When you have a lot of users, support of GitShowcase and ppl requests will take a lot of time. So you would have to go work on GitShowcase full-time and that's not possible without some decent compensation. Unless, you will become like Fastlane and Twitter bought you :)
@lisadziuba Good questions lisa!
@lisadziuba Hi there, Lisa. That's an excellent question. We are already being kinda overwhelmed by suggestions of users, which is awesome. As you said, we can't do much without going full-time, and since me and Pedro have other jobs, we just rely on night time to iterate the product. We truly wanna go full-time on GitShowcase, so we interviewed our users to understand how we can add more value to them. I made an article with the results and how we expect to monetize: I am looking forward hearing your thoughts :)
Hi there Product Hunt. Thanks for hunting us Raz! We're a very early stage startup, released just a few days ago in Jan/17. The community engagement has been overwhelmingly awesome. Thanks once more. Developers are amazing crafters, but when it comes to show the world what they're able to, most of them struggle finding a good way to present their work. Usually they look after premade templates or a custom CMS to develop their website. We made it simple. GitShowcase is a plug and play solution to get all Github relevant info and projects to merge into seamless design. Open source and free. By the way I'm Victor. Co-founder & Designer @ GitShowcase. I'd like to know your thoughts on our Product Design and User Experience. Any feedback is welcome. :)
This is a great way to show your github portfolio. Good work guys :)
@keyul thank you Keyul :D we're glad you like it!
Pretty cool! It's a shame it only lists personal projects though. I own a few organizations that I have some really popular repos under, but they don't show up on my showcase.
@garetmckinley Hey Garet. We're glad you like it. Good news is that we are working on this, some users want to display the organization's projects aswell. If you feel like adding them on your own, you can go to the Dashboard and manually insert the repo URL on "+ New Project" button. Let me know if this help you :)
@franciskim_co wow, thank you Francis. Cool list ;)