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Hello people! I recently built a mobile app to discover new repositories from GitHub, HackerNews and Reddit in order to provide an engaging infinite scrolling capable of replacing the addicting browsing of Facebook and bringing some productivity along the way. When I released it a lot of people told me that they would prefer to discover new repositories in their workspace: the desktop computer. That is why I decided to build a webapp. Because I was using NativeScript VueJS for the app, it was very easy to build a webapp reusing a lot of the code. Also I decided to add the new language filter feature that everyone was requesting me (in both mobile and webapp) πŸš€ Feel free to try it and send me your feedback!
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Have been waiting for this, I'd rather exploring the best repos on the web than phone, so very happy to see this! Any plans for launching a Chrome extension? (To replace tabs with the hottest repos)
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@farbodsaraf Thanks Farbod for hunting, cool idea the Chrome extension ! Let's see, why not! I've never built one yet.
Cool @sandochee thanks for keeping the work on this project! I am a user of the mobile version and I was really looking forward the language filter feature! 😊😊 By the way, regarding the website, very well designed and clean. Nice job!
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@patricia_mayo1 Yeah thanks, the language filter was the most wanted feature.
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@patricia_mayo1 @dectator @sidyakinian @ken_colton @ognjengt I implemented the language filter as you guys were asking ! I hope you like it.
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@sandochee This improves the app ten-fold!
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@sidyakinian Thanks, would you use more the mobile (now with the filter) or the webapp?
As somebody who spends all day at a computer, this makes a lot more sense to me than the iOS app (which I do have as well). Mind you, I'm not sure how it will affect my productivity. :-)
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@frassmith Yes it's it makes sense. Personally I use it more on the mobile, while commuting to avoid affecting my productivity πŸ˜‰
Nice to have a web version. Also the language filter makes it even better
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@etienne0790 Thanks, glad you like the web version!