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"Having pets, children, significant others, friends and family visible during video chats is encouraged. If they are human, ask them to wave at your remote team member to say 'Hi'." This is so, so, so, so good. Immensely important in a remote team! Bravo
@samcambridge Thanks! Today we had a team member with a cat clamping to the top of the back seat of his Ikea chair as he swiveled. It was hilarious. I only have a picture of the cat after the fact http://imgur.com/a/aedNO
This is stellar. Congrats Gitlab team for making this open sourced. A lot of companies will benefit.
@danflopes Thanks Daniel! We hope that many organizations can reuse (part of) our handbook. It has been great having people apply because they like the way we would. And we also look forward to receiving contributions and making the handbook better together.
Thanks for doing this. This is really encouraging to see and I hope other companies can follow suit.
@clemmakesapps Thanks Clement. We certainly also hope more companies will open up their processes and go Remote Only http://www.remoteonly.org/
Awesome that's a big step forward, wish to see more companies doing it.
@sandroadamia It happens, here are some examples http://www.nasdaq.com/article/6-... but most seem not to be updated nor can you see the change process. You can view our changes at https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/ww...
@sytses Thank u for sharing, we are also putting a lot effort in our handbook, but currently it's private.
@sandroadamia Cool, I hope you can share it some day, but no pressure.
This is great. We implemented our handbook at ~10 employees (much earlier than most startups) and it has been a huge hit. Frankly, I don't know how anybody can get past 20 employees without one.
@goeric Same for us. We grew from 9 people in March 2015 to over 90 now. It went very smooth and I think the handbook was a big part of it.