GitKraken Timelines: the free and easy way to communicate major project milestones and deadlines. Create private or public shareable timelines. Plan product releases and provide visibility across your organization.
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Hey Product Hunters 👋 You might already be familiar with GitKraken 🦑because of our legendary Git GUI and issue/task tracking boards. We’ve been working really hard to develop a new tool in the GitKraken developer productivity suite, and we’re super excited to introduce you to GitKraken Timelines! As a company that’s been making software for nearly two decades, we continued to encounter a problem for which there was no great solution. While Kanban boards like GitKraken Boards are great for keeping track of the numerous tasks that make up a project, ✅they’re not great at summarizing the most important goals or milestones of the project. GitKraken Timelines is designed to show deadlines for major project milestones on a continuous line that represents time. Each milestone flag 🚩allows you to clearly communicate key information so you can keep your team/organization moving towards the same goals. This is really helpful when you think about a software release that has hundreds of tasks, but all you want to communicate to the departments outside of development are the main features. Providing the high-level visibility 👀of a timeline with just the main features and due dates, allows Marketing for example to plan for- and prepare release notes to announce the release. Best of all, it’s free to sign up for GitKraken Timelines at! Please let us know what you think; 🙏I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have. Cheers 🍻 Sara
Allows my team to quickly scroll through key mockups and see the progression of an app over time. Great for agile.
@whoakb Love it ❤️We've used it in a similar way to track major GitKraken releases over time:
No more using fancy PowerPoint templates to explain milestones. It's the coolest way I've ever seen to do that. Well done! 👏
@burak_goc Yes, exactly! And when you change a milestone date you can automatically adjust all other dates accordingly, which is way more flexible than PowerPoint and saves a ton of time 😅
Great tool for Git (especially if your team is working on different OS)
I used this tool to create a talk on the history of the .NET Framework and .NET Core. It did not disappoint and beat out more traditional tools like Project and Visio which were my initial thoughts but left me dissatisfied.
@matt_eland Very cool! I remember seeing those timeline submissions to the Public Timelines directory. You can actually search for them here: (type in ".net" to see them come up)