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GitKraken is a Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It helps developers become more productive and efficient with Git. It's free for non-commercial use.

  • Shaun Wall
    Shaun WallWeb Developer

    - Lovely GUI

    - Easy to use and read visually

    - Pretty intuitive


    - Setting up auth with Git providers was a pain

    - No option to push tags with commits (have to push them separately and individually)

    Made the jump from Sourcetree after their Windows app started getting really bloated and slow, really enjoy the speed difference between the two, and dark themes always give a bonus.

    As stated above, the only feature from ST I'd like to see in GK is the ability to push tags with commits, and push all tags

    Shaun Wall has used this product for one year.
  • Mordechai Zuber
    Mordechai ZuberDeveloper @OU, msft coolaid and js

    - Beautiful

    - easy to setup and use

    - smooth integration with GH, BB, GL

    - Turned rebasing into a joy

    - high cadence of updates


    In rare cases it can take a few seconds to pick up on changes

    GitKraken was where I finally got into using rebase as part of my daily flow. It has really helped me work through quite a number of complicated merges as well

    Mordechai Zuber has used this product for one year.
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Sara (Breeding) Stamas
Sara (Breeding) StamasMaker@sarabreeding · Marketing Director @Axosoft @GitKraken
Hey Product Hunters 👋 This is Sara, from the cephalopod-obsessed 🐙 team at Axosoft— AKA the developers of GitKraken! As Jack mentioned, GitKraken is a Git GUI client for software devs using Windows, Mac and Linux. We’ve been working really hard to create a visual UI for Git that’s not only beautiful, but is also a true time-saver for Git beginners and pros. GitKraken simplifies complicated commands into drag and drop actions. It makes working with remote repositories easier through integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. It allows you to resolve merge conflicts without ever leaving the app. And it supports Gitflow, Git Hooks, LFS, and more. Best of all, it’s free for non-commercial, educational and startup use! Download it at, and if you love the product and want to use it commercially, use promo code: PRODUCTHUNT 💰 to get $10 off GitKraken Pro when you upgrade. I’m dying to know what you all think! Please share your feedback 🙏 and I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have. Cheers 🍻
Parwinder Bhagat
Parwinder Bhagat@parwinder · Software Architect @ Pampered Chef
@sarabreeding I would definitely like to see a comparison between this and Tower. Specially if I have to go subscription route.
Michael Ziörjen
Michael Ziörjen@miczed_ · mzioerjen
I've been using GitKraken for more than a year now and I do not want to go back to anything else. I tried the official visual client of Github and SourceTree from Bitbucket but they don't come close to what GitKraken is capable of. It's super intuitive for git beginners and still has all the advanced functionality that you need when things might get messy. The cool thing is: GitKraken actually helps you to keep your git workflow clean by visually displaying it. One thing I like to mention as well is the constant stream of updates and improvements the team at Axosoft is making to the product. They update the application and fix problems on a regular basis. Gitkraken has never let me down during my work and that's why I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to work with git and doesn't want to fiddle with the console / terminal.
Sara (Breeding) Stamas
Sara (Breeding) StamasMaker@sarabreeding · Marketing Director @Axosoft @GitKraken
@miczed_ We absolutely LOVE hearing this! Thank you so much for your support 🙏
Mordechai Zuber
Mordechai Zuber@mordzuber · Developer @OU, msft coolaid and js
I have been using GitKarken since the beta (almost two years already!) and after testing many other Git GUIs, it is hands down the best solution out there. I upgraded to pro about a year ago, and could not be happier with this tool. From the amazing UI, to the on the ball bug fixing, humorous release notes, and of course the amazing feature set, this team has done so much right. To highlight one of my personal favorites, the drag-and-drop rebase/merge functionality has been extremely helpful in keeping a nice understandable git history. Also, the slack community is amazing!
Sara (Breeding) Stamas
Sara (Breeding) StamasMaker@sarabreeding · Marketing Director @Axosoft @GitKraken
@mordzuber hey there long-time listener, first-time caller! We're honored you've stuck with us since beta 🙏 Your feedback and support is incredible ❤️ We'll see you in the Slack community 👋
Abel Kuruvilla
Abel Kuruvilla@abel_kuruvilla · Geeky programer wanting tech gigs
I have been using this product for almost 6 months now. Started using it because I had a pro offer via my GitHub education package. GitKrakken really eases my work on collaborating with Git. It helps me analyze my project roadmap, the changed I made, and also to revert back if I did any mistake (which I do most of the time😉😉). I can say this very gladly, that it a must application for every developer who works on their projects using Git.
Sara (Breeding) Stamas
Sara (Breeding) StamasMaker@sarabreeding · Marketing Director @Axosoft @GitKraken
@abel_kuruvilla So glad to hear that GitKraken is helping make collaborating with Git easier! That's our goal 😉
Hrant@hr_ant99 · Designer, ANT Corps.
The greatest thing is the availability on Mac, Windows and Linux.