See how your company stacks up against competitors on GitHub

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We do a lot of open source projects. But we don't track them in proper way. And don't know how we stack up with other companies. That is why we created this small tool, on top of Github. We called it GitItBack - you know, like give it back, to the community [wink wink]? So yeah, naming is bit cheesy, but app itself useful. Now check out how your organisation stacks up against competitors and let us know how to develop this product further.
@radekzaleski Love the direction. How are you measuring impact tho?
@eonpilot @radekzaleski What do you mean by impact?
@radekzaleski @jakubniechcial Importance, impact, quality etc?
@radekzaleski @eonpilot We don't measure this. GitItBack shows quantity-based metrics from each member activity, not quality. Actually, measuring quality based on static analysis would be super-hard and is mostly based on each organization focus.
@radekzaleski @jakubniechcial So if you fork, commit and merge a lot you become nr.1? I guess the medals are not to serious? Anyways its really awesome if people don't get too competitive and so on. Any thoughts on this? I'm not trying to troll here. just really interested in measuring things and it's side effects etc.