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Michael 🤖 Galpert
@msg · is a human
I'm a sucker for year-in-review visualizations and the folks over at https://reflect.io just dropped this rad dashboard for your GitHub account
@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
Quick question. When i authorize your app to access my github account, do you pull the data on demand show the visualization everytime? Or store the data in your database? A totally github related question and anyone with knowledge can answer this. Is it legal to store the github userdata in our persistent systems?
Ekaterina Klink
@ekaterinaklink · Growth & International Bizdev
Guys, why do you need access to WRITE in my private repositories? I wouldn't even trust my husband with it :-D
Giacomo Lawrance
@giacomolaw · Author of thenerdystudent.com
Awesome - I love stats!
@bradhe @abilmes @msg Would love to see a similar report card for other web apps like producthunt, twitter, facebook?