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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2017
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I'm a sucker for year-in-review visualizations and the folks over at just dropped this rad dashboard for your GitHub account
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@msg you might also dig GitHub Visualizer.
Quick question. When i authorize your app to access my github account, do you pull the data on demand show the visualization everytime? Or store the data in your database? A totally github related question and anyone with knowledge can answer this. Is it legal to store the github userdata in our persistent systems?
@sebastienb @sridhar_kondoji If it helps, you can revoke access after you make the visualization at
Guys, why do you need access to WRITE in my private repositories? I wouldn't even trust my husband with it :-D
@ekaterinaklink As far as I know Github doesn't allow more granular access control. So the app can't request anything less. I'm hoping Github adds better permissions, will make apps like this more popular. The write access scares me as well.
@mscccc @ekaterinaklink Mike is spot on. GitHub is working on providing more granular scopes, but we're limited for the time being.
@mscccc @ekaterinaklink I've heard reports that using this modified OAuth URL will grant read only access, which means you'll only see public repos.
@mscccc @ekaterinaklink After you make the visualization, you can revoke access at
Awesome - I love stats!
@bradhe @abilmes @msg Would love to see a similar report card for other web apps like producthunt, twitter, facebook?
@ishu3101 @bradhe @msg we've got a few on our list ;) stay tuned!