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The best alternatives to GitHub Report Card are GitHub Visualizer, GitHub Wrapped, and Github Wrapped 2021. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to GitHub Report Card
Build your ideal workflow with 200+ customizable templates

  • Enter user/repo and see the project visually

  • You coded a lot in 2021 - commits, pull requests, and reviews. Reflect on your year, the projects you contributed to, and the developers you supported. Open source. Share on Twitter or add to your personal Read...

  • Get your personalized Year in Review video of your GitHub activity. Enter your name and a downloaded video will be generated immediately! Post it on social media using the hashtag #GithubWrapped.

  • Codeprints offers geeky wall art for nerds and developers. You can create a personalized print of your GitHub contributions to motivate you every day. A service created for developers by developers.

  • Get a personalized video of your GitHub stats of 2022. Choose between three themes and download an MP4 that you can share on your socials!

  • A minimalist web app that uses your Github account to serve interesting and fun statistics about your contributions over the past year.

  • Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, GitHub Trends has a "wrapped" feature that allows users to look back on a year of development and growth. See your repositories and languages sorted by lines of code, your activity ...