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GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

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Radoslav Stankov
@rstankov · Tech @ Product Hunt / AngelList
BIg Github updates today: - Trello like project management baked into Github - Better code reviews - GraphQL based API - Security improvements It looks like Christmas is early this year.
Shaun Dunne
@shaundunne · co-founder | www.studiozero.co
Github clearly feeling the pressure from Gitlab who released this feature a few weeks back...and its still better.
George Fekete
@feketegy · CTO @ Primal Skill
To be honest, I'm using Trello for quite some time now, Github's version of it is nothing like that. It's still "primitive" in contrast to Trello
Théo Blochet
@theoblochet · Product Manager @Fueled
Love the screenshots made specifically for the Product Hunt team. As a PM, I am really looking forward to ditching JIRA as soon as I can, and this is a step towards my goal. Congrats on the launch!
Jen Dewalt
@jenniferdewalt · Cofounder @ Zube
Founder of Zube here. GitHub Projects is going to be very useful for small teams. Also, really excited to see how open source projects will use it. It could add some much needed visibility into their road maps and what they're currently working on. That said, GitHub Projects is not going to be a great solution for everyone, particularly larger teams. If you… See more