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Sascha Mombartz
Maker of useful and beautiful things
Whats up with that video?! Congrats to featuring a woman but am I the only one that finds the whole premise super strange?
J. Alexander Curtis
Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@supermombartz Yeah the video was really strange. They obviously put a lot of money into it though. I guess I know where my $7 a month goes now.
Hobbs, Corey
Product @ GitHub
If you're wondering how to get on the Marketplace, check out our docs on that here: https://developer.github.com/app.... We're super excited to get more developer tools listed and working with the newest versions of our API built atop of GraphQL.
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@chobberoni SMART. Reminds me of Heroku Add-Ons. I generally use them first since it's easier to buy/setup & linked to an account I already use. I'm already happy when dev tools allow me to login with GitHub. So paying through github seems like natural move. Excited to see this one grow.
Am I the only one who thinks the "25% revenue share" github takes is a bit too much? I love the idea of the github marketplace, but 25% seems a bit much for what is essentially a list of websites with github integration. As a side note, you should always check the prices on the services themselves. You might get a better deal if you pay annually.
Steve 'Doc Seuss ' HotellingApp & Web: VISUAL Design, Eval., Ideas,…
@andreasgassmann Thank you Andreas. Good #TIP! 😸🎩
Erick Barron
Doesn't this go against their open source embracing brand? I guess it will make them more money, but at the loss of their brand.
Alex GettyLab Director at Andculture
@erickbarron86 Github already has Pro and Enterprise services, so how is this going against their current brand? You can embrace and facilitate open source while still being a for-profit entity.
vignesh ravichandranJack of some trades & master of nothing
This is great, but I feel Github marketplace is very late to market.
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