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#4 Product of the WeekMay 22, 2017
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Sascha Mombartz
Sascha MombartzHiring@supermombartz · Creative Director, OVA
Whats up with that video?! Congrats to featuring a woman but am I the only one that finds the whole premise super strange?
J. Alexander Curtis
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@supermombartz Yeah the video was really strange. They obviously put a lot of money into it though. I guess I know where my $7 a month goes now.
Hobbs, Corey
Hobbs, CoreyMaker@chobberoni · BD @ GitHub
If you're wondering how to get on the Marketplace, check out our docs on that here: We're super excited to get more developer tools listed and working with the newest versions of our API built atop of GraphQL.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@chobberoni SMART. Reminds me of Heroku Add-Ons. I generally use them first since it's easier to buy/setup & linked to an account I already use. I'm already happy when dev tools allow me to login with GitHub. So paying through github seems like natural move. Excited to see this one grow.
Andreas Gassmann
Andreas Gassmann@andreasgassmann
Am I the only one who thinks the "25% revenue share" github takes is a bit too much? I love the idea of the github marketplace, but 25% seems a bit much for what is essentially a list of websites with github integration. As a side note, you should always check the prices on the services themselves. You might get a better deal if you pay annually.
Steve 'Doc Seuss ' Hotelling
Steve 'Doc Seuss ' Hotelling@ezsteven · App & Web: VISUAL Design, Eval., Ideas,…
@andreasgassmann Thank you Andreas. Good #TIP! 😸🎩
Erick Barron
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
Doesn't this go against their open source embracing brand? I guess it will make them more money, but at the loss of their brand.
Alex Getty
Alex Getty@alex_getty · Lab Director at Andculture
@erickbarron86 Github already has Pro and Enterprise services, so how is this going against their current brand? You can embrace and facilitate open source while still being a for-profit entity.
vignesh ravichandran
vignesh ravichandran@vignesh_tronics · Jack of some trades & master of nothing
This is great, but I feel Github marketplace is very late to market.