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#1 Product of the DayApril 21, 2018

With GitHub Learning Lab, you’ll learn through issues opened by a bot in a GitHub repository. After you finish tasks, the bot will comment on your work and even review your pull requests like a project collaborator would.

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Wilhelm Klopp
Serafettin Yarar
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  • Leighton
    LeightonFront End Developer

    Easy steps, easy to learn.


    Nothing. Github is awesome.

    This is something really cool I'm hoping to see soon. Many people had troubles in the past starting with Github, and there's still some people that didn't understand completely the power behind Github Pages. This will help tons of new users to get introduced to the Github power.

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Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Really excited about this! A lot of people have trouble getting started with git & GitHub, especially those that are new to learning any kind of development. There are tutorials and courses on git, but I’m glad to see GitHub doing work on its own to lower the barriers between users and learning its platform. It all being within GitHub is a huge plus. 🐙😺🤖💯
Goretopus@gorelics · Google Hack Expert
With this git learning tool must have for all beginners and intermediate developers
James Bathgate
James Bathgate@james_bathgate · Development Lead at SearchSpring
I was hoping to see training on programming languages using the same methodology. Now that’d be awesome.
Tom Sp
Tom Sp@tom_sp · Web dev. Internets enthusiast.
I've been a developer for years but haven't worked in teams that much, so that I don't have a lot of experience working with Github. It seemed overwhelming to me and I've never really tried to understand how things works besides looking on source codes and posting issues tickets. This is a great project!
Qazim Rama
Qazim Rama@politologu
I just started to use, is great and helpful :) thanks!