GitHub Gardener

Make your github history green, with daily automated commits


GitHub Gardener is a tool that makes automated commits daily that magically turn your GitHub contributions green.

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Jerad Maplethorpe
Bruno Lemos
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  • Bruno Lemos
    Bruno LemosDeveloper

    Congrats on making and shipping!


    I don't support this idea

    If you want to have a great contributions streak, do it for real instead of faking it. Otherwise GitHub contributions will have no meaning from now on.

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  • Pros: 

    Good idea for looking as if you are productive


    It is plain cheating

    It is bad for good devs who don't open source as much as they like (myself).

    It is bad for companies which need people who really are into open source.

    It is bad for devs as it generates a non-real competition, you've basically allowed us to cheat on your github-resume

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  • Pros: 

    more douchbags


    Why would you do this?

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