GitHub for mobile enables you to browse notifications, reply to issues, and even merge pull requests, and you can do all this wherever you like to work. The fully native app is available now on Android and iOS.
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Now if only coding on mobile was easier 🤔
@rrhoover yeah, I'm skeptical that this will take off... an iPad is basically a desktop these days so I don't really count that.
@rrhoover @chrismessina I think it will take off, especially as we are getting cheaper mobile devices and users in emerging economies are being more mobile.
@rrhoover @chrismessina @o_prime I think it'll take off too, not necessarily for the coding-aspect, but for open source maintainers. Being able to review pull requests and issues when you're aware from your computer is key. This might seem minuscule, but will greatly improve the quality of life for everyone who maintains open source software. A lot of those maintainers feel like they're chained to their computer, as so many high profile clients rely on it working and fixes to be merged quickly.
Thanks for sharing! We've been hard at work building this first version of GitHub to Android and iOS. I'm really excited to start sharing the app and getting your feedback. We're focusing the first version of the app heavily on collaboration with peers on Issues & Pull Requests, and on triage of notifications. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
@_ryannystrom I remember you brain storming and working on GitHawk in some pool while on vacation. This is incredible.
@imdaeshawn hahaha, deep cut! Inspired me to go find the first tweet mentioning it: Started as a single list view in Bermuda on a short vaca.
@_ryannystrom Between IGListKit and GitHawk, you've made some really cool and impactful contributions to the dev community. Thanks for your work Ryan, it's been really cool watching your story.
Now all they need to do is drop ICE
Curious, is this a React Native app?
@t_conroy No, it's Swift.
@t_conroy Nope! 100% Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.
Well done you amazing team at Github