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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2015
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Classroom for Github automates repository creation and access control, making it easy for teachers to distribute starter code and collect assignments from students. Assignments are the core of Classroom for GitHub. Teachers can easily create an assignment and distribute it to students using a private invitation URL. Optional starter code can be provided for individual or group work. It's even possible to delegate assignment creation and management to co-teachers and teaching assistants by adding them as organization administrators.
This is very exciting. Trying to share organizations and repositories across students, instructors, and accept assignments previously was a nightmare.
This is fantastic! I just gave a talk at my graduating university to some students in the first and second year of the program I graduated from. They use Github to manage some projects in the second year, however there aren't any useful applications for the instructors to manage their student's work. This is a step in the right direction and I pointed them at it as a resource for in the classroom.
i'm a junior studying software engineering. we use blackboard 😭 this would make my schoollife at least 10x better. (edit: IOS keyboard isn't letting me fix "schoollife")
GitHub for President!!!